Who We Are

Global companies are moving their plants to Southeast Asia for low labor costs and high productivity. Global companies want to intuitively see all the processes by computerizing all processes such as production, purchasing, logistics and distribution. This process is big data, and we need analytical ability and artificial intelligence system to use it. But we have the artificial intelligence, big data analysis, computerization, smart factory, funding, and the ability to do all the solutions you need for the fourth industry.

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Our Commitment

We will keep our promise with our customers. Based on our high technology in all processes such as MRP, MES, WMS, SCM, Logistic, Marketing, etc. We develop world-class technology and service by understanding customer's needs in accordance with the flow of market before customer wants. I will keep my faith and promise.

Cloud SaaS Packages


A system that manages production, the heart of the business for manufacturers


A system that integrates the basic functions of production management

WMS / Cargo

A system that handles all work processes from the time a product is received


A system that integrates production and distribution of products into one

Logistics / Courier service

A system that implements a variety of value-added logistics services

Sales / Distribution

A system that creates new value in the products and services produced

Omni-channel commerce

A system that allows consumers to purchase products through various distribution

HRD / Payroll Management

A system for managing human resource development

Medical Archiving Service

Medical platform for managing information efficiently