About Us

The present age is an important period of entering into the 4th industry and is the era of digital innovation. At the core are Big Data, AI and IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and next generation ERP to embed this technology.

Up until now, technology is no longer able to improve productivity, improve marketing, and improve technology. In the coming era, mass production of small items, direct connection between consumers and producers, and fast and accurate logistics and distribution environment are changing.

In this turbulent era, we want to become a world-class technology company and become a true unicorn enterprise. We also want to be a company that contributes to our most important mission, humanity and society.


Based on the experience of a long time in Indonesia, Rachel Build developed a system that can be applied in manufacturing. Rachel Build's system is a technology that is specialized in the most difficult textile and sewing industries. The large-scale sewing and toys factory in Indonesia, has successfully implemented the system. Rachel Build's system attracted interest from various manufacturing companies, and consulting requests have increased, and now we are maintaining business relations with large companies in Indonesia.


We also provide Cloud Manufacture Execution System (MES).

Our History

  • 2019 - Built Cloud systems for Software as a Service
  • 2018 - Developing smart manufacture ERP 4.0 system for large manufactures in Indonesia