Skin 1004 Viva Vitamin Lotion

Skin 1004 Viva Vitamin Lotion

4 kinds of Vitamins will perfect care your skin

Vitamin, Known as the magical ingredients,
gives glow on the skin and make young skin

Using 30 natural ingredients, sensitive skin is okay

Vitamin bomb SEA BUCKTHORN

sea buckthotn extract purified water content zero

skin 1004 viva vitamin toner lotion with plenty of all witamin (except vitamin A)
and sea buckthorn extract

skin 1004 viva vita toner & lotion
soothe the skin
skin protection
skin elasticity

- form moisture barrier to maintain moist skin
- protect your skin from external hazards
- skin calming effects from external stimuli
- anti-aging effects on the skin

skin 1004 viva vita toner & lotion are special

- contains the four vitamins necessary for the skin
- camu-camu extract contains 600 times amount of apple vitamin
- vitamin tree extract sea buckthorn included
- vitamins without skin stimulation (except vitamin A)
- betaglucan trehalose that helps build a moisture barrier
- free from 9 harmful ingredients
- soft feeling without sticky

skin 1004 viva vita

01. sea buckthorn extract vitamin tree extract
02. niacinamide
03. propolis royal jelly extract
04. vitamin C derivatives
05. trehalose
06. beta glucan

9 harmful ingredients are not used
NO paraben, NO mineral, NO artificial pigment, NO ethanol, NO fragrance ingredients,
NO animal derived ingfredients, NO T.E.A

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