Not avoid the sun
but avoid ultraviolet rays!

" if it's a think late, it's really late"

Ultra strong ultraviolet isolation
function and A fresh look

all-day all-light mild suncream
Like an emulsion light and Moist UV Perfect isolation!

01. UVA, UVB perfect simu ltantaneous blocking
02. hypoallergenic formula
03. skin temperature down
04. safety ratings green

perfect UV protection can
also be cared at one time!

#never White cast#moisturizing lotion#hypoalergenic lov
mild daily care

Low irrtation with moist properties no irritation to the skin
Like an emulsionlightand Moist UV Perfect isolation
All the ingredients are all green

#pat pat#will protect you
go away stress the skin
Skin pressure is affected by pigmentation and wrinkles
all-day all-light mild suncream can Remove skin pressure
Eliminate the underlying causes of aging.

#lowering the temperature of the skin
lower, be cool
all-day all light mild suncream
Uv stimulation to protect the skin
Lower skin temperature
Sun cream that cools the skin under
hot weather or intense sunlight.


in pouch
Sanitary case

Use handy case
n pouch Easy to carry and easy to use.

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