Dr.USB breezion 3.0

Dr.USB breezion 3.0

Choose for clear air, manage your space via USB connection!

Antibacterial action
Deodorant effect
Virus removal

A hazardous substance in the air that threatens health, still exists between the monitor and you.
Even if you do not see it, everything in your living space is a contaminated area of air quality!

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Warning of dangers of bacteria, fungi, viruses, harmful smoking substances, volatile organic compounds etc. present in abundance in indoor air

American Allergy Asthma Immunological Society
50% of all diseases are caused or exacerbated due to contaminated indoor air

Clean System

Principle of plasma ions destroying cell membranes of harmful substances in the air and reducing them to water vapor
Plasma ion generation
Virus and chemical reaction
Make the virus a molecule of water!

Do you know Dr.USB?
Keeps all 15 types of performance air quality improvement test report

Pure air
Safety inspection completed so that everyone can breathe in peace!
Animal Huphip Toxicity Test No abnormality
Ozone generation amount Inward recommendation standards or less
Atopy security mark Recommended products

Product features

1. NEW design
Breezion Dr.USB enhanced the interior effect with a design that shaped the tulip.
2. One touch mood etc. mounted
It is possible to produce atmosphere suitable for ease of use with built-in one pon and LED mood.
3. Air purification space 30% increase
Welcoming Plenty of plasma ion supply within 1.3 m and clear air in space of less than 13 m
I will give you a present.
4. More powerful cleaning effect
We got the results of all 15 types of hazardous substance removal tests, and from your various harmful substances
I care about the space. (Virus retaining relative to conventional products, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide is added and deletion results are acquired)
5. Easy to use!
The bridge Dr. Yusubi is connected to the computer via the USB Jo Won connection system via a 220V auxiliary battery etc.
Improvement of air quality is possible anytime and anywhere.
(* 220v adapter and auxiliary battery are not included in the component product.)
6. No filter exchange
Bridge Dr. Yusubie cleans and uses the built-in filter once or twice a month without changing another filter
It can be used without any economic burden on the product.
(※ Cleaning brush is included in the product.)

· Power supply: USB (micro 5 pin)
· Input voltage: DC 5 ± 10%
· Current: 300 ± 10% [mA]
· Power consumption: <1.8 ± 10% [W]
· Ion balance Senryan: (+) lon> 1 million / cc, (-); on> 1 million / cc
· Ozone generation amount: below the indoor recommendation standard
· Size: 120 X120 X 90 [mm]
· Weight: 330 g (Product) / 450 g (with PKG)
· Country of manufacture: South Korea
· KC certification: MSIP - REM - IMH - IH 3 - SR 16 D 5
· CE certification: UCSCE - 1612 - 114
· Atopy Security: KAA-161212-54


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