Air Circulator

Air circulator Edge E6

10 M strong wind
You can feel powerful wind with just the auxiliary battery.

Air circulator Edge E6 pursues color diversity.

Strongly soft wind, six feathers
Up and down 90 degrees, wherever I want it anywhere.
Simple one touch switch
Velcro Cable Tie, Clean Line Arrangement
Express your personality with a trendy color.

Easy to use anywhere with the USB method!
By using the auxiliary battery with the USB method, you can easily use it anywhere easily.

Easy and easy to clean

- Take the Edge E6 safety net wide and turn it counterclockwise to remove it.
- There is a danger of breakage if you rotate with force only with safety net part.
- Products may not be well separated for the first time at separation.
- Product wings can not be separated.
Please do not separate by imparting absolute impossible force.

Excellent for effective use of space Edge E6

90 degrees, vertical angle, freely adjust!
It sends the air efficiently with straight wind.

Edge air circulator E6 SPEC

Product name USB type fan
Model ECU - M15BK / EUC - MWRE 15 / UCE - WPP 15 M
Size 190 X175 X 220 (mm)
Power consumption 3 W
Wing length 15 (cm) 6 leaves
Line length 1.5 (m)
Product weight 536 (g)
Angle of deviation 90 degrees up and down, manual rotation
Electromagnetic compatibility number MSIP - REI - edg - ECU - M15BK
Parts body, instruction manual, warranty card


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