amazing parcel locker

A new way of Parcel storage!
Private unattended Parcel box. a new concept Parcel box that can be installed by an individual
conveniently in front of my door! receives the Parcel by installing in front of door, oetgoing is available
can be used easily by everybody if you just hang and attach, that's it !!

In out following cases, Was it difficult to get the parcel?
-Dual-income who is absent during the day
-Uneasy situation to take the courier due to shower or bath etc
-When ringring a bell is not allowed because a baby is sleeping
-When women or children are alone at home
-When you go looking for heavy courier to security office
-House or villa residents who can not lwave the courir

A new way of parcel storage! Private unattended parcel box

Receives the parcel by installing in front of door, outgoing is available

Can be use easily by everybody if you just hang attach, that's it !!

3 Layer spread function!
Maximum load! loadable up to 20kg

Material-ABS plastic, Stainless steel wire, Stainless steel Bracket

[What is differents?]
◎ Installation cost
Existing collecting method - Existing collecting method occurs installation cost (competitor's courier box)
Amazing parcel box - None ( self installation is available)

◎ Maintenance cost
Existing collecting method - occurs Maintenance cost (join-courier box)
Amazing parcel box - None

◎ Courier incoming
Existing collecting method - discomfort to collect courier(security office, convenience stores)
Amazing parcel box - Receives in front of home

◎ Courier outgoing
Existing collecting method - Impossible (return courier, collect on delivery courier)
Amazing parcel box - Available

Existing collecting method - Impossible (competitor's courier box, joint courier box)
Amazing parcel box - Available (moveable when moving)

◎Installation mark
Existing collecting method - leave the marks (competitor's courier box)
Amazing parcel box - Doesn't leave the marks (competitor's courier)

Size : 60*50*18cm
Acceptable box size : Maximum 50*40*26cm
Weight : About 10kg
Color : Light mint
Weight on board : Loadable up to about 20kg
Material : ABS
Main funtions : Secret code number lock, Security dummy camera, white board
The country of manufacture : Korea


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